heyo!! if you're on mobile, this just straight up doesn't work. looks wonky as hell. please dont even try until im more competent with html and figure out how to make a mobile version amen and thank thee

welcome to!
lattie's cafe!!




(a lil bit about me)

*if the text is too small, try changing the zoom! (120% seems to work best)*

currently a student struggling through classes, but ive picked up a hobby of doing html stuff recently and rlly wanted to make a website!

this is actually an old layout i made for howrse, repurposed for this site ajsdlkfjalsd (EVERY SINGLE THING I DO TIES BACK TO ME MAKING A HOWRSE ACCOUNT AT AGE 7 SOMETHING I SWEAR)

i might get back into making graphics someday, but for now old things ive made will have to do (bcus school literally has me in a CHOKEHOLD rn)

the html is a MESS but i was and still am learning so i do hope you can forgive!!

ummm so. my favourite games right now are stardew valley and minecraft (i love em :]]) also cookie run kinda... i guess? i like the characters + their designs, they give me seratonin or however u spell it!! also genshin but im very disappointed in myself for that one... again it's mostly characters idk. BAIZHU WHEN!!!!! literally have not pulled for any other characters since im waiting for baizhu!!! he and changsheng have been in the basement for almost 2 years now, and STILL no sign of them!!! hoyoverse, where the fucketh is he!!!!

these two images clash
im so sorry that this layout and the bg color clash so much (overall page background n this layout bg) im so sorry

ummmmm yea if it isn't clear already graphic design is my passion but im also bad at it :cries:

i promise at some point ill revise these images to make em fit eachother better!! promise!!! no set date though!!!! because irl obligations!!!!!

this was originally a howrse layout so i didn't really have to worry about making bgs and stuff so uhhhh yea. trying to figure out pixel art but that's kinda hard when youre a lil bit dumb

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img found on pickpik :D, great website 4 images