Welcome to lattie's cafe!!

heyo!!! just a personal website to try and learn some html :)))
a super noob to all of this so uhhh
i will be trying to learn as much as possible!

really just kind of a testing grounds for stuff lol


paragraph oh yea woop woop yea yea woot

cool textbox?? perhaps
will this scroll?


cool textbox?? perhaps
will this scroll? without scrollbar?
(click in box then use up n down arrow keys)


Here's how you can add an image:

Here's how to make a list:

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

hey there testing out links: layout i made for howrse :]]

^^^^****WARNING***** its like kind of going through it's emo phase right now though. im still working on it :((

also possible tw// for eyestrain/neon colors/red text on black bg (its rlly bad u guys)